Community Policies

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Server Owner
Staff member
Policy 1-1

Project Termination

Any project that is not up to the standards that the Community Owner has set or that does not follow the overall community vision set by the Owner may be terminated with or without notice.

Policy 1-2


AS members found to be in violation of the AS Code of Conduct may face punishment based on Community Owner's discretion. Any given punishment must include a reason sent to the individual stating what the situation was, what they did wrong, followed by the punishment itself.

Policy 1-3

Staff Confidentiality

All AS Staff will keep any undisclosed information confidential. This includes anything that is community, server, or project related. Any staff member in violation will face punishment and/or possible termination from Staff.

Policy 1-4


All servers, communication platforms, and documents that are AS related, or locally hosted will have a decent size AS logo publicly visible at all times.

Policy 1-5


A game server developer must have a screening process put in place to keep a safe, secure, and positive outlook to the respected Project. This means the Dev must have a place to upload their work and a Staff member will take the time to find any coding errors, back doors, or any other nuisance problems that might come up during the development process.
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